Do you have a school event, a fundraiser, or a more intimate event at your home that you are considering our services for? If so, please disregard the pricing above and contact us so that we can tailor a quote that matches your vision– AND your budget.  No matter your needs, from deliverable template design to the attending of the booth to the final follow-up deliverable, be assured that we spend TRIPLE the amount of time on each an every individual event.

Let’s Schedule Your Event!

It’s NEVER TOO SOON to book your event. 2020 is filling up fast– the most savvy wedding planners are reserving our wedding photo booths for 2021 already!

Let’s Discuss Your Event!

We should meet and discuss your ideas for the event so we can design the photo booth for your Blowing Rock wedding with your vision in mind!! If you can’t come to us, WE will come to YOU!

Let’s Get Ready to Party!

As your Event Date approaches, we will send you samples of what the user will see at the interface, and the deliverables that they will take with them after the session. You will get to approve the final design so we can be SURE your event goes off without a hitch.

Getting in touch is EASY !